Converting US Winter Infantry (from Soviets!)

So here we are. The first blog post on this new venture upon which I am venturing. In this short–albeit hopefully helpful–tutorial, we are going to look at ways in which you can expand upon your current U.S. infantry in winter gear for your  U.S. army.

Here are some of my U.S. Infantry in winter gear. Can you spot the converted plastic miniatures? Hopefully not at first glance!

Whether you are fighting in the forests of Bastogne in a Bolt Action campaign, or some new front in Konflikt 47, this will hopefully inspire you to add in a few extra infantry squads.

Now let’s hop to it, soldier!

What you are aiming for in this tutorial is something that looks like these:

In order to achieve this look, you will need to acquire three sprues:

  1. US Infantry Sprue
  2. US Airborne Sprue
  3. Soviet Infantry (Winter) Sprue 

The Soviet winter infantry sprue is the most important, as you will be using the coated-miniatures from this sprue as a base from which to build your US infantry upon.

It may seem strange and ahistorical to use a soviet body for a US conversion, but the results look pretty good (especially from tabletop distance) and as long as you and your mates don’t mind, that is all that really matters.

From these sprues, you can start to clip off and organize your infantry. The heads, gear, weapons, and arms should mainly come from the US Airborne and US Infantry sprues, of course, but you might get away with having a few coated arms from the Soviet sprue here and there to add some variety to your figures.  For our example here, these are the parts I clipped out. I find that visualizing your pieces in this manner can really help in determining what bits you are definitely going to use and which will go towards another mini.

In Soviet Russia, infantry converts you!

In the end, I chose to change the head, go with the traditional US infantry backpack over the airborne one, and did not use the grenades.

And as you can see, with some added details and a plan, the result looks pretty convincing. You can use this same technique to come up with team weapons as well. Here is a bazooka team I put together:

I used Soviet arms on the rifleman/loader in this example. 

When you put them next to the US Winter Infantry (metal) from Warlord Games, they can blend right in without anyone being the wiser until a closer inspection is made.

Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful (short as it was).

Let me know if you want to see other conversions in the future!

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