Review & Showcase: Test of Honour – Ronin


A month ago, I picked up a box of Ronin for the game Test of Honour. I was intrigued by some of the painted miniatures on various blogging sites and social media groups; it is the standard plastic samurai sprue from the main box with metal heads and one full metal special character. According to the box, you can make up to six Ronin, but I found that you can actually make nine (not including the metal special character) if you use some of the plastic heads and some remaining bits from the core box.

I got to work assembling them right away and tried to be as dynamic with the poses as I could manage. Some people complain about the plastic Warlord kits (formerly Wargames Factory), but I find you can actually get some real movement from your miniatures if you apply some imagination (glue also helps–lots of glue). Here is what I came up with.


But I still felt they looked a little too similar to my samurai. In order to make them look a little more distinctive, I decided to add some minoto a handful of them. Mino are basically straw raincoats. They come in all shapes and sizes, really; some are made with stiff straw but others look like long fur. Usually, a mino would cover the majority of the torso (though not always), and honestly I didn’t want to cover up all the detail on the miniatures either. So I chose to make them the length of short capes rather than cloaks.

I am not a master sculpter by any stretch; in fact I am only just starting to learn to sculpt, but the process itself wasn’t that difficult (just fiddly).

I was happy with how they turned out regardless of my amateurish sculpting.

The paint scheme on the box art is eye-catching. I love the black armor with the cool-white clothes underneath, but I wasn’t initially sold on it. I tried out a few different patterns and added some red as the unifying color between all the models. I love this kit; probably my favorite.

I did make one tweak to the core box. I honestly didn’t really like the metal special character. So I just created my own using Hero Forge. I will do a review on Hero Forge in the future, so subscribe to this blog to keep up-to-date on news relating to that service.

Anyway, here is the showcase for six of the nine Ronin; though the bases aren’t complete yet. I will update this post when I get around to completing the remaining three.


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