Review: Bersaglieri Armored Infantry – (Preview Pack)


I was lucky enough to get my hands on two of the preview packs for the Italian heavy infantry units for Konflikt 47; these packs contain one Centurian Heavy Infantry and one Bersaglieri Armored Infantry.  Of course I had an immediate draw to the Bersaglieri Armored Infantry for Allied Italians.

Overall, the kit was was easy enough to put together. I would recommend everyone use care when clipping off the barrel of the Centurian assault rifles, as they can be a bit fragile and–as one of mine did–break at the thinnest part of the barrel (super glue to the rescue!).

The models are just lovely. Despite having the same models in both packs, I was able to pose them in (what I feel to be) dramatic poses which gave them their own unique looks.

For this post, we will focus on the Bersaglieri Armored Infantry, as these are going to be a big part of my new Allied Italian force.

I followed the box art closely while picking out my colors and painted them as near to the suggested style as I could.

You can tell me how I did.

I love these models. I cannot wait until I get my hands on a full set.

Oh! And speaking of full sets… you can now pre-order them!

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