Unboxing: The Locust Medium Walker (Konflikt 47)

Back in August when the Locust / Heuschrecke Medium Panzermech reared it’s chunky head over at the Warlord website as a ‘pre-order’, I had already known what I planned to do with it once I received it. There is absolutely lovely piece of art in Defiance where the Locust looks almost as if it is ice skating on a semi-arid landscape, charging into a British truck. It is decked out in the typical late-war Italian RSI amoeba-pattern camo (see the main image for this post).

Unfortunately, due to the backlog at Warlord Games (*shakes his fist and yells in imitation of James T. Kirk’s voice* CLEARANCE SALE), the package only just shipped Monday. In the rare parallel plane of bizarro-logistics, however, the package–which traveled from one continent across an ocean to another, made it through two customs agencies, and then like 200 miles from the port to get to my mailbox–arrived within three days (and I am very grateful to Warlord for sending this along as soon as they could)!

That has never happened in the history of of the post office, I am certain.

I certainly didn’t expect it. So I was quite happy when I opened up the box and saw the Locust tucked away inside, wrapped in cellophane.

As always, the box art conveys everything you might want to know about this monster of a walker. The fluff and ‘history’ of the Panzermech, the functionality, the scale, and even a useful way to paint it. I am pretty sure Aitch painted this one up, and as always he impresses. I particularly love the red priming layer which invokes the image that it was rushed right from the factory before the Dunkelgelb could be applied.

As nice a paint job as it is, I won’t be painting mine up that way. As this will be used by my RSI army, the plan is to paint it up the same way as I did my P43 (bis), which not-so-incidentally is how the artwork from the book shows it painted. But we aren’t quite there yet.

Eagerly, I pried open the box and pulled the cardboard inserts with the two blisters out from the inside (one containing the resin parts, the other containing the metal parts).

This may be the best large-scale resin kit that the CWG and Warlord Game teams have produced for Konflikt 47 so far. What is neat are all the options. You can choose an anti-tank role or an anti-infantry role for your loadout. Or mix them up! You have two MMGs, two auto-cannons, an anti-tank gun, and a Weber of Nefels (or more properly, a Nebelwerfer)!  This is one powerful medium walker.

Oh! It also came with a little decal sheet!


Just like the resin turret from the M8A3 Scout Car, these pieces were very clean and very crisp. I did not have a single mold line to remove on any of the resin parts and only minor flashing on the metal bits which is not at all a big deal. There were a few bits of casting sprue flashing that I had to cut away, but only the two arm pieces and the center torso piece. It was not much at all (and most resin kits have some of that to sand down).

Pro-tip: As always when sanding resin, make sure you wear PPE (like a dust mask) and work with plenty of ventilation.

I gave all the resin parts a thorough wash with dish soap and warm water, using a stiff-bristled brush to get into all the crevices. This is an important step and should not be brushed aside. The greasy agent that manufacturers use to demold kits can really screw up your paint job. So wash your resin!

Now for the assembly itself. The instruction leaf that comes with the kit is very easy to follow, and honestly you could probably figure out most of the assembly without them (I did consult it once or twice). I chose to go with the configuration on the box art and the artwork from the book–two auto-cannons and the Nebelwerfer.

I really loved the charging pose from the book artwork, and I did my best to replicate it without cutting up or kitbashing the model.

I am quite happy with it.

Like, share, and subscribe to this blog so you can join me for Part 2; the painting of this beast! It’s going to be a challenge, but that is what I love about modeling.

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