Showcase: Konflikt ’47 DAK Walkers

This is a post I have wanted to make but haven’t–for who knows what reason (not me; I haven’t a clue). As my primary German army is Afrika Korps, I have modeled my Konflikt ’47 German walkers/Panzermechs to fit the army. I figured it might be useful to post about them, especially given how trendy DAK is right now (especially with the new Western Desert campaign book and DAK plastics from Warlord Games (review of them coming soon–subscribe to be the first to know)!

First up, my Spinne Light Panzermech! I wanted this to look more spider-y and spindly, so I posed it in a way that looks like a spider might when recoiling to attack (by the way, I absolutely dislike spiders). I also replaced the pewter/white metal crewman that comes with the kit with a plastic figure I kit-bashed from several German sets. I added a fuel barrel along the underside-rear of the mech to make it feel more like it is for long-range desert fighting and rusted it up a bit for good measure. The red paint is more of a thematic element rather than historical. You will see the red show up on the rest of my Panzermechs.

Not bad, right? I mean, it’s ok.

Next is my captured M8 Grizzly! Since captured vehicles were a big part of WW2 (you see it in every theatre), I wanted to incorporate this element into my DAK K’47 force. This lucky German Panzer officer has refitted the stolen walker with an MG42 including a gun shield for the machine-gunner. In addition, the German depot welded on some armor plates around the top crew hatches as well as some Schürzen (side armor) on the arms and legs. Two barrels of fuel have been fitted to the back of the chassis and a fuel pump has been battlefield-rigged to assist with long desert duty. Finally the American 75mm was swapped out for a 7.5 cm KwK 40.  This Beutepanzermech is ready to provide some close fire support for infantry!

As you can see, that red accent was applied to various places on the model as well. Again, this is for aesthetics only.

Finally, my Thor Heavy Panzermech! I did a video on this a while back so I will just include that here.

These three walkers will hopefully provide you with some inspiration; you do not have to feel obligated to paint the same walkers the exact same way over and over. Nor do you need to follow any sort of stringent historical reference. You can get creative with your colors and kit-bash away to make your walkers more unique. By altering the pose, adding stowage, or throwing in an accent color–even if it isn’t historically accurate–is all you need to really make your walkers pop on the table. Subtlety is just as good as over-the-top when it comes to using your imagination to create a vehicle you will love.

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