Unboxing: ‘Warring Clans’ – New Feudal Japan Range

A big thanks to Andy Hobday and team for sending these over to review. I have to say I am really, really excited about these miniatures and have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to have them in hand!

After some mix-ups at the post office, I am happy to say that the box arrived and it is full of wonderful goodies. My suggestion to all is this: if you can afford it, get the Warring Clans deal.

Yeah, that is a whole lot of awesome.

The first thing I noticed is just how many miniatures it actually is. Seeing the picture above is also a little misleading because the miniatures in the image are all spread out, so you don’t really get the full scale until you unbox them.

See what I mean?

Just piles upon piles of minis, guys and gals. And they all look wonderful.

For those who aren’t in the know, Warring Clans is the brain child of Andy Hobday, one of the creators behind the feudal Japan skirmish wargame Test of Honour (also Gangs of Rome).

Not incidentally–after leaving Warlord Games several months ago, he fell back upon Footsore Miniatures and War Banner (two of his miniature companies under the same roof, so to speak, and which produce high quality 28mm miniatures in various historical periods) and enlisted the very talented sculptor, Stavros Zouliatis.

The biggest concern I had looking at the new miniatures was the fact that the assembly work to complete the miniatures involved seemingly fiddly bits (like gluing hands onto arms). In my experience, these have always been challenging builds that involve far too many swears.

But honestly they went together just fine.  I can imagine though that others might have difficulty with this part–patience and tenacity go a long way here for one or two of the kits, but mostly they just slot right on without any issue.

Once I had the models out of their blisters it was very easy to see all the amazing sculpted detail on these. You can probably make them out in the pictures above. I have to say I can’t wait to paint them up–and it has been a challenge not to (I often find I pick one up and grab the paint pots and then remember I have to wait).

You see at some point soon, Matt from Rocky’s War Room and I will be reviewing these together for his YouTube Channel. And he and I have a promise not to paint them until we find the time to do it. So keep an eye out on this blog for a link to the video once it goes live (should be soon).

In the meantime, here are some pictures of a few of my favorites from the range to tide you over and hopefully convince you to buy a few of your own:

As a reviewer, I try to find at least one thing worthy of note that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows; I don’t want to ever give the reader an impression that I was bribed into giving a positive review. Oddly (and to Andy Hobday and team’s credit) I have to say, there is nothing at all negative about the assembly experience.

Overall, unboxing and assembling these miniatures was very positive indeed. I did get an instance or two of a wrong arm/weapon bit in the blister, but it all worked itself out as they had been swapped. I also had one instance where I was missing a weapon on one miniature (which I am sure Footsore would have sorted out for me no trouble) but it was no trouble for me as I actually had a few spare bits lying around to replace it. The assembly was easy, models look fantastic, customer service is superb, and those are the three most important parts to take away from this review.

So stay tuned for a follow-up on this as Matt and I review these models and then, hopefully soon, get to work on painting them up. I am stoked!

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