Forthcoming Game: Mortal Gods – ‘Test of Courage’

A few weeks ago, Andy Hobday–creator of some of the most beloved skirmish wargames around (Test of Honour, Gangs of Rome)–along with his company, War Banner, announced a new game he is working on which focuses on the Classical (Pre-Hellenistic) Aegean States : Mortal Gods: Test of Courage!

Dude… check out the marketing!


To say this is the game I have been waiting for is an understatement. While I love Weird WW2 and Science Fiction, I am a history buff at heart. I adore classical history and this is the game that is going to get me into playing it.

From what has been gathered by War Banner’s sometimes secretive posts, it seems that each player commands a Lochos (λόχος in Greek, literally meaning “the men who form an ambush”, though often used to signify a military ‘company’) of men. This Lochus is made up of a handful of miniatures and commander or leader figure, maybe a few heroic characters as well.

In terms of the miniatures used for the game, War Banner has partnered with Victrix Limited (they have an extensive range of ancients in plastic already). These are really sharp-looking models and I will be posting a review of them soon enough.

For those in the United States looking to snag a few boxes of Victrix plastic Classical Greek sets, I highly recommend Sherwood Wargames; overall they have the best prices around and they are truly lovely people as well. Pro-tip: If you tell them I (The AWI Review) sent you, they will take off a percentage from your total order. You’re welcome.

In addition to the plastics, War Banner is releasing two metal ranges. One range releasing soon is by veteran sculptor Steve Saleh (the fellow behind those beautiful Gorgon Studios sculpts) and a second wave of metals by the talented Stavros Zouliatis who did all the metal miniatures in the Warring Clans range for Footsore Miniatures. These are going to be some really amazing models. Here are a few of the sculpts by Zouliatis that was posted up a few days ago in the Mortal Gods Facebook group:

Shut up and take my money!

There will be cards and tokens, similar to those in Test of Honour, which is really nice. I love the artwork for them and we can see the care that they are taking with the art for Mortal Gods as well:

I will continue to post updates as the game gets closer to release. I will also post on my own progress with building up my own Lochoi in anticipation of its release.

For those looking to get a head start on the game, Footsore Miniatures has just released two very important bits you will want to snag. The first is the basing set needed to play the game and the second is a special leader character to command your Lochos! To go buy them right away, click on the images and links below!



The game is set to release in 2019, so there is very little or limited information currently about the game, but War Banner has indicated that the game plays close to how Test of Honor plays (which is good news, because the game mechanics are great). To stay informed, there is a very happening (do the kids still say that?) Facebook Group and a blank (for now) website.

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