My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: Athenian Promachos (Hero)

Moving along on my Mortal Gods project, I wanted to spend a bit more time detailing so I chose a stand-alone figure for my next miniature to paint. Using the Victrix plastics (again, for all US peeps, definitely go check out Sherwood Wargames), I put together a heroic-type character to represent one of the promachoi.

If you don’t know, the πρόμαχοι in  were those who made up the front rank of a phalanx, considered as champions. Basically these were the guys facing the brunt of the enemy assault and were skilled at fighting at close range. They had to be able to take hits but also dish them out, or the entire Phalanx was useless.

Back to the model, rumor has it that these are to be put on 32mm bases rather than the standard 25mm bases, which I think is just awesome. More room for basing stuff! I had a few spare 32mm round MDF bases lying about, so that part was easy enough.

Once assembled, I primed him using Skeleton Bone spray primer from Army Painter and got to work painting. I wanted to paint his clothes a lighter shade of blue than the Hoplites I finished earlier. I kept the shield off the model to paint separately so I could get into all the parts which would be obscured or hard to reach once the shield is on. SO I will post a final image of him once completed

Here is the promachos so far:


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