We started out as a simple YouTube review channel for AWI and early American historical miniatures; now we review a multitude of products in 28mm.

Both the YouTube channel and this blog showcase various miniatures from companies listed below and will also give occasional painting and hobby tutorials along the way!

List of Companies Reviewed (with products):

  • Warlord Games
    • 28mm miniatures for Bolt Action
    • 28mm miniatures for Black Powder
    • 28mm miniatures for Konflikt 47
  • 4Ground
    • Various 28mm terrain
  • Perry Miniatures
    • 28mm AWI miniatures (plastic)
    • 28mm ACW┬áminiatures (plastic)
    • 28mm WW2 miniatures (metal)
  • War World Scenics
    • 28mm basing and terrain materials
  • Rubicon Models
    • 28mm WW2 Plastic Kits
  • West Wind Productions
    • 25/28mm miniatures for Secrets of the Third Reich
  • Eureka Miniatures
    • 28mm accessories

And more to come!

Full Disclosure: The AWI Reviewer is not a professional nor an expert; he is instead a hobbyist and an enthusiast. Any positions expressed are his own opinions and he fully recognizes that other opinions may differ.

As such, healthy discussions and debates are fine, but rude or abusive behavior directed at the blogger, channel host, or other commenters will not be tolerated. Comments that violate these rules will be subject to deletion at the discretion of the blog admin.