Tutorial: Making an American Observation Post (Bolt Action/K’47)

For a few games in the new Defiance supplement for Konflikt 47 and some in Bolt Action require the players to each choose a building or model in their deployment zone which is considered a command post or an objective. In previous games we used burned-out buildings, but I really wanted something more specific. As … Continue reading Tutorial: Making an American Observation Post (Bolt Action/K’47)

Completed M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

It took me all Friday evening, but I was able complete my M8A3 Tesla Scout! Let me walk you through the process... Here is where we left off... I had just added stowage to the rear of the hull. There was still loads more to do yet. I consulted a lot of images of M8 … Continue reading Completed M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

Converting US Winter Infantry (from Soviets!)

So here we are. The first blog post on this new venture upon which I am venturing. In this short--albeit hopefully helpful--tutorial, we are going to look at ways in which you can expand upon your current U.S. infantry in winter gear for your  U.S. army. Whether you are fighting in the forests of Bastogne … Continue reading Converting US Winter Infantry (from Soviets!)