Unboxing: ‘Warring Clans’ – New Feudal Japan Range

A big thanks to Andy Hobday and team for sending these over to review. I have to say I am really, really excited about these miniatures and have been waiting for what seems like an eternity to have them in hand! After some mix-ups at the post office, I am happy to say that the … Continue reading Unboxing: ‘Warring Clans’ – New Feudal Japan Range

Unboxing: The Locust Medium Walker (Konflikt 47)

Back in August when the Locust / Heuschrecke Medium Panzermech reared it's chunky head over at the Warlord website as a 'pre-order', I had already known what I planned to do with it once I received it. There is absolutely lovely piece of art in Defiance where the Locust looks almost as if it is … Continue reading Unboxing: The Locust Medium Walker (Konflikt 47)

Unboxing: M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

When Konflikt 47 and Osprey Publishing released the supplement Resurgence a little over half a year ago, I was really mainly excited about a handful of units in that book (not having much interest in the Japanese at the time--mainly because I couldn't afford another army). One of the units I really, really wanted was … Continue reading Unboxing: M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

Review & Showcase: Test of Honour – Ronin

A month ago, I picked up a box of Ronin for the game Test of Honour. I was intrigued by some of the painted miniatures on various blogging sites and social media groups; it is the standard plastic samurai sprue from the main box with metal heads and one full metal special character. According to … Continue reading Review & Showcase: Test of Honour – Ronin

Unboxing: Test of Honour

Test of Honour isn't a new game; at least it isn't new in the sense that it just arrived on the market. If I recall, the game itself has been available for at least a year. Admittedly when it first released I was so swamped with Konflikt 47, Black Powder, and Bolt Action, I didn't … Continue reading Unboxing: Test of Honour