My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: More Greeks!

And my force keeps getting bigger! The lovely folks at Sherwood Wargames sent along another Victrix set (the Hypaspists) and I have been able to kitbash a bit. I have always loved the Hypaspists because they had a bit of versatility to them; they could be equipped in different and unique ways depending on their … Continue reading My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: More Greeks!

My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: Athenian Promachos (Hero)

Moving along on my Mortal Gods project, I wanted to spend a bit more time detailing so I chose a stand-alone figure for my next miniature to paint. Using the Victrix plastics (again, for all US peeps, definitely go check out Sherwood Wargames), I put together a heroic-type character to represent one of the promachoi. … Continue reading My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: Athenian Promachos (Hero)

More Classical Greek Sculpts by Stavros Zouliatis

Stavros Zouliatis posted some additional sculpts he is working on for Mortal Gods: Test of Courage in the Facebook group for the game. Check these out!

My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: Athenian Hoplites

Here's a quick post for you all. I received my first Victrix plastic kits from Sherwood Wargames (Athenian Armored Hoplites and Greek Peltasts) so of course I had to build a ton of them right away. I constructed a few basic units of everything to start. Being as I have never painted up ancients before, … Continue reading My ‘Mortal Gods’ Project: Athenian Hoplites