Tutorial: Making an American Observation Post (Bolt Action/K’47)

For a few games in the new Defiance supplement for Konflikt 47 and some in Bolt Action require the players to each choose a building or model in their deployment zone which is considered a command post or an objective. In previous games we used burned-out buildings, but I really wanted something more specific. As … Continue reading Tutorial: Making an American Observation Post (Bolt Action/K’47)

Defiance Campaign Scenario #1.5: A Chance Encounter

Scenario 1.5: A Chance Encounter NOTE: This scenario is an optional one that takes place between the 1st scenario and 2nd scenario of this Defiance campaign. However if you choose to run this scenario, there will be bonuses or benefits for each side in upcoming scenarios depending upon the outcome. To skip this narrative story … Continue reading Defiance Campaign Scenario #1.5: A Chance Encounter

Completed M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

It took me all Friday evening, but I was able complete my M8A3 Tesla Scout! Let me walk you through the process... Here is where we left off... I had just added stowage to the rear of the hull. There was still loads more to do yet. I consulted a lot of images of M8 … Continue reading Completed M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

Unboxing: M8A3 Tesla Scout Car

When Konflikt 47 and Osprey Publishing released the supplement Resurgence a little over half a year ago, I was really mainly excited about a handful of units in that book (not having much interest in the Japanese at the time--mainly because I couldn't afford another army). One of the units I really, really wanted was … Continue reading Unboxing: M8A3 Tesla Scout Car