Defiance Campaign Scenario #1.5: A Chance Encounter

Scenario 1.5: A Chance Encounter NOTE: This scenario is an optional one that takes place between the 1st scenario and 2nd scenario of this Defiance campaign. However if you choose to run this scenario, there will be bonuses or benefits for each side in upcoming scenarios depending upon the outcome. To skip this narrative story … Continue reading Defiance Campaign Scenario #1.5: A Chance Encounter

Fielding a US Mechanized Cavalry Force in Konflikt 47

Background: US Mechanized Cavalry Squadron Unlike Armored Divisions and Armored Infantry, Mechanized Cavalry Squadrons focused on mobility and light-armor while remaining relatively self-sufficient. Armored platoons preferred larger, heavier tanks especially as the war progressed. Cavalry squadrons did not function the same way and they had a different doctrine. Cavalry Squadrons were typically made up of … Continue reading Fielding a US Mechanized Cavalry Force in Konflikt 47

Painting Italian Infantry (The Konflikt ‘47 Way)

As you may or may not have seen, Warlord Games has released a preview of the two new Heavy Armored Infantry sets available soon to Konflikt '47 Italian players (er, that is, to players who field Italian miniatures--though, I suppose also to Konflikt '47 players of Italian descent). They are wicked cool-looking. As Italy was … Continue reading Painting Italian Infantry (The Konflikt ‘47 Way)